Medical Device Manufacturer SEO

Medical Device Manufacturer SEO

So far my favorite story in the world of SEO is from a medical device manufacturer who contracted for our service, but then did not give us the login to the site so that we could implement the SEO. Instead they had us email it to the web guy, so they could implement it, they just seemed to never get around to it.

Finally one day the owner of the company got tired of his web people taking forever and sent me the login so that I could implement the SEO myself. This process had taken six months and even with the CEO involved they just did not take it all that seriously. Once I had the chance to actually go in and do my stuff things changed rapidly, their sales people went from knocking on doors begging for appointments to rushing out to meet all of the new demand that suddenly sprang up almost by magic.

Not only were they now swamped with business from the United States but something that they had only dreamed of doing in the future happened they started getting orders from the United States and overseas without having sent a single sales person out to call on these hospitals.

If your order book is not full and your salespeople are knocking on doors it’s time to take the bull by the horns and get your site properly optimized. Call today 866-626-5813 and see what our SEO can do for you.