Adwords Certified

Create a pay per click campaign that works!

As a Google partner agency we have to pass a number of tests each year to show our understanding of Google’s adwords system at a very high level. We have to understand how to make campaigns efficient and effective for our clients.

It is important to know how to set up your campaign so its not wasting dollars on irrelevant keywords that bring nothing to your practice. The basic adwords setup will send you more irrelevant results than relevant. I have seen as much as 80% bad clicks from the basic setup.

Scheduling, is also important to a efficient campaign. Your practice will gain more new patients if your ads run when you are in and open. Of course its better to be there 24/7 in the organic results but if you are paying on a per click basis you do not want to waste marketing dollars on hours where no one is available to schedule an appointment.

Location targeting is another important factor. Effective practice marketing means targeting the areas your patients are most likely to come from. While getting people who will travel long distances to come to your practice may also be part of your plans, when running pay per click you want to be as efficient as possible and keeping your location targeting close will help.

Ad Extensions: There are quite a few options in extensions that help make your ad more effective. Site-link extensions help drive more traffic straight to the relevant pages, Location extensions helps show that you are close by, Call out extensions can let them know things that set you apart. Structured snippets add valuable information, Call extensions get your phone number right in the ad.