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Four Reasons to Choose Us for Your SEO Needs:

Our Extensive Knowledge and Experience
We have done SEO on hundreds of sites and delivered tens of thousands of first pages to our clients. Whatever your specialty we can help. We have helped Primary Care Providers, Pediatricians, Podiatrists, Dentists, General Surgeons, Bariatric Surgeons, Spine Surgeons, Hand Surgeons, Cosmetic Surgeons, Jaw Surgeons, Nephrologists, Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Ob/Gyn, medical suppliers, device manufacturers & more.
We Will Not do SEO for Your Competition
If your competition calls, even someone with an unlimited budget, we will say no to taking them on as a client. It’s as simple as that, you are our number 1 priority. We believe it’s unethical to take on more than one practitioner in the same market going after the same first pages. There is only one top position and we want to achieve that for you.
No Long Term Contracts
If you have had a website for any length of time you have probably had someone tell you they could get you 1st pages only to see no results, all the while you were stuck in a year long contract. We know we will deliver results so there are no long term contracts ever. We are that confident in our results.
Fastest Results
Google is most likely scanning your website every two weeks. If you are not seeing some progress in the first month, its not working! There is no time like the present go get your SEO moving. Google has spent a lot of time and effort slowing progress for SEO so we have spent a lot of time and energy finding the quickest path to success that also stays within the guidelines. No shortcuts just quality work.

Website Evaluation Form

    • No telemarketing, we don’t even ask for your number to do the evaluation.

    • You wont go on a mailing list. You will get the one email, and unless you ask for more info that will be it. We never sell or share your information.

    • No Robots a Real Person Will Review Your Website

      Automated Website Evaluations are Out of Date and Miss the Important Information

    • We pay attention to the important factors and don’t bog you down with irrelevant minutia just to make the report longer.
    • Real information that you can implement on your website
    • We believe in education based marketing, We will show you what we offer and leave it at that. You have the ability to make the right decision, you don’t need someone to twist your arm.
    • If you implement our suggestions your rankings will improve!
    • If your site is in good shape, we will tell you that too. We have confirmed that many websites are already on the right track.

    Our SEO Programs are highly rated